Deerhoof To Tour; Me To Have Nothing To Say

Deerhoof are hitting the international circuit; that’s pretty dope. However, I cannot think of anything funny to say about this momentous event. (I guess there’s some joke hidden in there about Satomi Matsuzaki’s lyrics making as much sense to Swedish listeners as they do to those of us that speak English...) Instead, here is some basic information about Deerhoof translated between the local languages of all the stops on the tour via BabelFish:

In 1994, the group was formed lob Fisk and グレッグ Saunier. The group was discovered with gaan-gaat at the celebration festival of Yo Yo by the founder of the star of the stone of death (ed. Kill Rock Stars looks AWESOME when translated many times... they should consider a name switch). After releasing one that dies, depending on the flow of Satomi Matsuzaki vocalist, Tokyo moved exactly in San Francisco this time of unity of the star of the stone (ed. Again... Kill Rock Stars looks incredible) was connected to 7. That did not have, formation of type music simultaneously. The group until those supports applauded the disk of the chance for zeitgeist (ed. There was no word even remotely related to zeitgeist in the original) of the friend (ed. TMT review here), presently releases the complete album length of 9 volumes. Presently it navigates in acquisition of Japan by England and Europe (ed. Good for the queen). But it does not end soon at the place within Baltic countries. That how translates the part, Im wonder so

06.23.07 - Cardiff, Wales, UK - The Point
06.24.07 - Liverpool, UK - Barfly
06.25.07 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK - ABC2
06.26.07 - Sunderland, UK - Independent
06.27.07 - Leeds, UK - The Irish Centre
06.28.07 - Nottingham, UK - The Polish Centre
06.30.07 - Belfort, France - Eurockennes Festival
07.02.07 - Malmo, Sweden - Debaser
07.03.07 - Oslo, Norway - Cafe Mono
07.04.07 - Egersund, Norway - Vise Festival
07.05.07 - Kristiansand, Norway - Quart Festival
07.06.07 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Berg 211
07.07.07 (ed. That rules) - Stockholm, Sweden - Fritzs Corner at Debaser
07.10.07 - Helsinki, Finland - Redrum
07.28.07 - Niigata, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival
07.29.07 - Niigata, Japan - Fuji Rock Festival
07.31.07 - Yamagata, Japan - TBA

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