Deerhoof’s John Dieterich and noise artist Raven Chacon combine to form Endlings, announce new album, premiere video for “Osmotic Torrents”

Deerhoof's John Dieterich and noise artist Raven Chacon combine to form Endlings, announce new album, premiere video for "Osmotic Torrents"
Music for sitting on cobwebbed spiral staircases and thinking through some SHIT.

Let’s be honest, readers: at some isolated, desperate, or just unusually-contemplative point in our lives, we’ve all found ourselves listening to our favorite old Deerhoof records and thinking: gee, I wonder what all this odd, warped, homespun noise would sound like without all this badass, brainy and brawny rock and roll constantly tap-dancing across the top of it…haven’t we? (I said: HAVEN’T WE?)

Luckily, among his many other spooky talents, Deerhoof’s own John Dieterich also happens to be a pretty solid mind-reader. Because he’s already gone-ahead and fulfilled those tacit noise fantasies of ours via the announcement of Endlings: a “horror show collaboration” with Navajo noise artist/composer/educator Raven Chacon (fun bit of party trivia: the project’s original name was Summer Assassins, and the duo actually put one official release out, as part of the Deathbomb Arc Digital Singles Club Year Two). Now, the duo’s creepy, crawly, vaguely unsettling, self-titled record — featuring 13 ruminative/hair-raising interpretations of “the sound of skin crawling off of your body” — is out May 12 via Sicksicksick/Lightning Feet.

But because Dieterich and Raven Chacon both know that we’re just fucking dying to get our lazy-ass skin up and crawling away from our bodies, they’re mercifully premiering the video clip for the album track “Osmotic Torrents” with TMT in advance (i.e. today). The freaky-but-fascinating clip was created by the duo, along with Jay Baker and Mark Weaver, and, well, its overall vibe is probably best-represented by the band’s own ekphrastic statement:

i see you
hunting shadows
you did not choose it
your tools are not hidden
i do not require your attention
your moment is different than this
i do not need your imagination
your music tells stories
hunting shadows
i see you

Fun times, right? Pre-order the full album right now on your choice of vinyl or CD; and while you wait for it to arrive, feel free to watch/listen to “Osmotic Torrents” as many times as you need in order to exercise those pesky skin-demons of yours.

Endlings tracklisting:

01. Final, Total
02. Black Sabbatical
03. I Make it Fall
04. Thought Signature
05. Saccades
06. Legal Fiction
07. Buried in Angels
08. The Devil’s in the Red Tail
09. Osmotic Torrents
10. Baby Cry
11. I Believe That She Did It Her Way
12. No Takers
13. Summer Assassins

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