It’s May and Dent May has a new album coming out in a month that is decidedly not May

It's May and Dent May has a new album coming out in a month that is decidedly not May
Photo: Jason Frank Rothenberg

Even though BIG CALENDAR forces us to believe that spring begins in March, it’s not until the April showers bring May flowers that the season synonymous with rebirth truly starts. In May, you can finally (maybe) start going outside without a jacket again, baseball season really gets going, and those Justin Timberlake memes that never get old start showing up all over our social media feeds. Yes, there’s just something special about May and the warmth it brings into our lives.

That’s why it feels so right that Dent May — inthe month of May — has announced that his new album is coming out in… August…wait what? Feels like there was a pretty cohesive “May” theme going on in these first two paragraphs that just got straight-up obliterated! Like, it really seemed we were headed in a “Hey, it’s May, here’s the new Dent May album coming out in May, it’s a concept album about May that talks up all the great things about May,” direction, but…

Well at any rate, yes, the latest from Dent May, entitled Across The Multiverse, is due for release on August 18 via Carpark Records.

It’s rather fitting that Dent May fancies himself the combination of a “hotel bar lounge singer and aspiring daytime TV talk show host,” because the songs on Across The Multiverse really do sound like they’d be at home in either a hotel bar lounge or on a daytime TV talk show. Or a discotheque, really. Ooh, or a roller rink! If Across The Multiverse doesn’t single-handedly revive America’s collective interest in roller rink culture, I don’t know what will.

Seriously. Take a listen to the album’s title track (featuring Frankie Cosmos) below, and tell me honestly that you can’t see yourself busting some sweet, highly advanced, roller skate-based dance moves to it. And when your reverie is complete, head here to pre-order Across the Multiverse on CD, vinyl, and download.

Across The Multiverse tracklisting:

01. Hello Cruel World
02. Picture On A Screen
03. Across The Multiverse (feat. Frankie Cosmos)
04. Dream 4 Me
05. Take Me To Heaven
06. 90210
07. Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love
08. A Little Bit Goes A Long Way
09. Don’t Let Them
10. I’m Gonna Live Forever Until I’m Dead
11. Distance To The Moon

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