Destroyer adds Euro dates, just because he has, like, a ton of euros lying around and doesn’t want to exchange them

Destroyer adds Euro dates, just because he has, like, a ton of euros lying around and doesn't want to exchange them

The other day, I found a British pence in my room. I thought it was strange, considering I haven’t been to Britain in five years. But, hey, that’s just how things go sometimes. Destroyer knows what I’m talking about, because me and Destroyer are best buddies. Last time Dan Bejar was in Europe, he came back to Canada with a whole ton of euros. Sure, he could go exchange them, but he’s a busy guy. Depending on lines, that can be a whole afternoon wasted. If getting money exchanged prevents “Bay of Pigs Part Deux: Even Baysier” from being recorded, then may that money never be exchanged.

Thankfully, we need not worry. Destroyer is heading to Europe this July, presumably just so he can get rid of those euros. Very reasonable of him. He’ll play some festivals, as well as some not festivals. Congratulations, you just read the least informative sentence of all time. P.S. If you still haven’t listened to Kaputt (TMT Review) by this point in history, then I hate you. Our review is still spot-on.

Destroyer dates:

07.11.12 - Paris, France - Colors Festival @ Nouveau Casino
07.12.12 - Brighton, UK - The Haubt
07.13.12 - Suffolk, UK - Latitude Festival
07.14.12 - Dour, Belgium - Dour Festival
07.15.12 - Graefenhainichen, Germany - MELT! Festival
07.17.12 - Lisbon, Portugal - Musicbox
07.18.12 - Vigo, Spain - Festival Sinsal
07.19.12 - Madrid, Spain - Teatro Lara
07.20.12 - San Sebastian, Spain - Jazzaldia
07.21.12 - Cartagena, Spain - Mar de la Musique @ Arabian Castle
07.23.12 - Bordeaux, France - Open Air
07.25.12 - Basel, Switzerland - Festival in Fluss
07.26.12 - Feldkirch, Austria - Poolbar Festival
07.27.12 - Bologna, Italy - Bolognetti on the Rocks
07.28.12 - Padova, Italy - Radar Festival

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