Devonwho announces debut album Luz on LEAVING

Devonwho announces debut album Luz on LEAVING

There’s a well-worn phrase that moochers and slackers trot out to justify their lackluster output of anything in general that goes something like: Nobody ever died saying they’d wished they worked more.

What you might not have heard is the way more apt epithet, which is: “Nobody ever died saying they listened to too many G-Funk jams.”

This is a scientific fact (although it’s not actually), but you can try it out now:

Those two sweet little whiners are lifted from Devonwho’s upcoming debut album Luz, which will be released November 11 by Leaving Records.

In addition to having an impeccable ear for capturing golden G-Funk tunes, Devonwho is a part of the Klipmode collectivem which spawned the likes of Knxwledge, MNDSGN, and Suzi Analogue, so you just know that Luz is going to be a stone cold ode to Los Angeles from which you can overindulge in G-Funk numbers till your heat’s content, safe in the knowledge that no one ever can have too much of the stuff.

Luz tracklist:

01. Orangehues
02. Cruisecontrol ft. Zachey Force Funk & I, CED
03. Alphaloop
04. Purple
05. Medicina
06. Bread
07. Trueandyou
08. Lyon
09. Recurringtheme
10. Goodgreat ft. Pink Siifu
11. Andthentherewas
12. Trio
13. Anti-ragequit

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