Dire Wolves premiere “Spacetime Rider” from howling new album Grow Towards the Light

Dire Wolves premiere “Spacetime Rider” from howling new album Grow Towards the Light

Gone are the days of Drakkar Noir and demon rock, of making your bucks and shouting about urban decay. Sure, there are still angry young people throwing pungent devil horns with municipally-directed hot hot heat; but for each of these, there are dozens longing to leave rather drab urban surroundings for a more blissful, less bustle, existence in rural contentment, or beyond.

This is no more apparent in music where there seems to be a real move away from the trials and tribulations of everyday city living to, if not the country physically, then to the country of the mind. With influences and improvisation as wide and wild as the ear can hear, this free feeling has struck a chord with many of the acts on the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond label roster. It is no real surprise that the new Dire Wolves album is on BBiB, then. It is even less of a surprise that our premiere today of the new Dire Wolves track, “Spacetime Rider”, is a 10-minute extended piece and a powerful, mystical journey through time and space.

Taken from the forthcoming Grow Towards The Light album, “Spacetime Rider” is delicately poised between the familiar and the weird. It is driven by a constant willingness to experiment along the way without ever losing the true way. Not cryptic or astral enough for ya? We’ll let Dire Wolves head head Jeffrey Alexander provide that cosmic album quote that you crave:

Thematically, our new LP explores different vibes of the universal “tree of life” archetype, the world tree, the tree of immortality. Everything is connected, everything is one. And the way trees visualize time, also represented on the album’s front cover by illustrator Allison Filice. The Spacetime Rider literally moves through this, sometimes quickly, sometimes still, and in all directions. Magic is afoot.

Grow Towards The Light is out June 28 on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, but you can pre-order the CD, DL, regular LP, and (of course) the limited edition cloudy vinyl with red, yellow and blue splatter here. Before you commit to focal seizures with that splatter disc on your turntable, loosen your retinas with the “Spacetime Rider” video below:

Grow Towards The Light tracklisting:

01. I Control the Weather
02. Every Step Is Birth
03. Discordant Angels
04. Spacetime Rider
05. Water Bearing One
06. Crack in the Cosmic Axis

Dire Wolves LP release:

07.27.19 - Brooklyn, NY - Market Hotel (w/ Chris Forsyth and Garcia Peoples)

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