Dirty Projectors hint at new music with a couple videos

Dirty Projectors hint at new music with a couple videos

In a year when Radiohead sent us into a frenzy by deleting their online presence and Frank Ocean held us all hostage for weeks with his mysterious live stream, it’s nice to see Dirty Projectors taking a slightly more back-to-basics approach to doing weird shit on the internet to tease new music. That is, sharing perplexing photos and videos via social media!

Although they have changed up all their avatars and cover photos, the band has, most notably, released two short videos, both of which seem to contain snippets of actual new songs. One features hands praying on a marble floor, the other (released today with the title “What We Imagined And What We Became”) a slow-motion Dave Longstreth swinging his jaw back-and-forth. Who knows what all of this multimedia will ultimately mean, but one would think they’re teasing a new Dirty Projectors album. If so, it would be the band’s first since releasing the About to Die EP in 2012 (a year in which they also released the full-length Swing Lo Magellan).

Check out the aforementioned videos below. The song clips in them sound basically nothing alike, so best of luck in trying to predict what this potential new album will sound like.

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