DIY venue Pehrspace in Los Angeles gets blindsided by eviction notice

DIY venue Pehrspace in Los Angeles gets blindsided by eviction notice
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As someone who happens to live in an American city that’s been economically booming for at least six years now, I’ve witnessed the nauseous purchase and usurpation of local flare more often than I care to recall. The developers in question usually attempt to appease the surrounding neighborhood by promising to make their proposed new building architecturally in keeping with local tradition, but before long, we’re treated with the depressing realization of designs presented at previous design review formalities: the generic mixed-used apartment building with the hypermodernist name made so by its deliberate misspelling. (They’d all be named Phelching I, Phelching II, etc., if I had to anything to say about it!)

Relayed via social media just days after the demolition notice sent to The Smell, the Los Angeles DIY venue known as Pehrspace may be on the verge of becoming another financially supplanted cultural victim. A notice was given simply (and indifferently) stating that Pehrspace’s month-to-month tenancy had been terminated, and that it had 60 days from June 5 to vacate the premises. It appears the fears expressed just two days earlier following the building’s recent purchase had the unfortunate quality of being justified:

Operating since 2006, the volunteer-run arts venue, currently being run by Pauline Lay, may live on in a different space. Keep an eye on Pehrspace’s social media accounts for any news.

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