Booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere for 20 years: DJ Funk releases new three-disc best-of collection

Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere for 20 years: DJ Funk releases new three-disc best-of collection

Before there was booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere, before there was Ms. New Booty, there was DJ Funk. On the seventh day, he created the sound of booty house, and he looked around, saw the masses grinding, and lo, he knew that it was good. And now, with the release of Gold – 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Collection on Dance Mania, the label that originally took a chance on Funk’s booty-dropping, party-making jams, the WORLD will know what’s good.

It’s a three-CD set, with classic tracks like “Booty Bounce,” “Ho’s in This House,” and so much more. Your life is set to get a whole lot sexier next month, when the collection drops on September 5. DJ Funk also has forthcoming plans to twerk his way through Europe and the UK this fall, then voyage on to the diiiiirty dancefloors of America. Vinyl drops next year. Booties drop NOW.

Gold – 20th Anniversary Greatest Hits Collection tracklist:

01. House the Groove
02. Pump It Erk N Jerk
03. Knock Knock
04. Work It
05. the Original Video Clash
06. Work Dat Body
07. Pussy Ride
08. Big Ole Booty
09. Doggy Style
10. Dj Funk Gonna Hurt Somebody
11. Jump Up
12. Ho’s in This House
13. Booty Bounce
14. I Need Weed in My Life
15. Da Roof
16. Booty Dead
17. All You Freaks
18. I’m so High
19. Get Funky
20. Hey I Feel Alright
21. I Am Getting High
22. Pump It Uk

01. BHA2 Megamix (Shake It up, Bounce Dat Ass, Believe in Sex, Face down Ass up, Pop Dat Thing, Booty Clap)
02. Booty Bounce (GTA Mix)
03. Pop’n Champagne (Spenda C and Dj Funk)
04. Titties and Beer (Original Mix)
05. Touch the Ground (Dj Funk Vs Eddie Deng)
06. Bounce Dat Ass (Justice Vs Dj Funk)
07. Fuck Dat Ass
08. Freak . Pump It/ Pussyride Remix (Bro Safari + Knuckle Children)
09. Tits in My Face (Cenob1te Remix)
10. Booty Clap (Boys Noize/ookay Remix)
11. Fuck Face Down
12. Bang It (Dj Funk Vs Dj Godfather)
13. Back Dat Thang (Dj Funk Vs Dj Godfather)
14. Dirty Disco (Ft. Funkyworm)
15. Life Is a Mystery
16. High Frequency
17. Have’n Sex Acid Mix
18. Free at Last
19. Happy Feet
20. Run

01. Gold Megamix

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