DJ Khaled announces new album Father of Asahd

DJ Khaled announces new album Father of Asahd
Another one? Another one.

After having successfully soundtracked about 95% of Lyft rides where the driver opts to not have you sit in painful silence, DJ Khaled has announced his 12th (!?) full-length album. The allegedly “mega-anticipated” Father of Asahd is due out May 17 via We The Best Music Group/Epic Records.

Not many details have been revealed beyond the title and release date, but we can confirm that Father of Asahd is being touted as finding Mr. DJ at “the peak of his powers as an artist, producer, curator, and musical force.” What this means exactly, who knows (the general consensus at this point seems to be that DJ Khaled is as much a DJ as Dr. Pepper is a doctor), but it does make the album sound pretty exciting! Major key!!Am I doing this right?!?

There’s also talk of this album featuring collaborators both unexpected and earth-shattering, so definitely* look forward to tracks featuring a bunch of long since dead dudes like Roy Orbison, Townes Van Zandt, and The Big Bopper. You can probably also look forward to tracks featuring the usual suspects of hip-hop’s best and brightest — because if there’s one thing DJ Khaled has a supernatural ability for, it’s stacking his albums with great talent.

More importantly immediately, at 8 pm tomorrow (Saturday, March 23) DJ Khaled will be hosting the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, where he is also nominated for Favorite Male Artist. (Tune in to see if his ego is too big to allow himself to be slimed for the entertainment of children!) Here’s hoping Zendaya pulls one out for voicing Meechee in the category of Favorite Female Voice From An Animated Movie.

Anywhoozle, it’s so real out here. Please enjoy some of DJ Khaled’s greatest hits below. In the spirit of the man himself, I didn’t quit writing this post, I’m just choosing not to continue.

*This isn’t a disclaimer, feel free to quote and @ me.

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