DJ Lilocox announces debut solo EP on Príncipe, Paz & Amor (peace and love, man)

DJ Lilocox announces debut solo EP on Príncipe, Paz & Amor (peace and love, man)

Just when you thought you’d seen all every possible creative permutation of black-and-white album artwork: Lisbon-based label Príncipe (which, in addition to their iconic, hand-drawn album covers, is knowingly doing their part to sculpt the butt muscles of people in Portugal and certainly elsewhere) is back to unleash debut solo EP from longtime affiliate DJ Lilocox, entitled Paz & Amor.

There isn’t a ton of information out there on Lilocox himself, so I’ll defer to Boomkat’s seemingly plugged-in description of the artist, who’s “one third of the PDDG (Piquenos DJs Do Guetto) crew beside DJs Firmeza and Maboku, and accounts for half of CDM (Casa Da Mãe), also with Maboku.” He’s also been featured on a handful of mixed artist releases, including the 2016 compilation, Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo, sponsored by Príncipe, and the 2015 EP Malucos De Raiz, where Lilocox shared the credits with the aforementioned DJ Maboku. The track on the compilation, “La Party,” fits right in with expectations given the track’s title and the fact that a miscellaneous person calls out the DJ’s name at one point over the track. Someone should do a research paper examining the history of in-track DJ shout-outs.

Looking ahead, though, Paz & Amor sounds super rich and cleanly produced. It’s due out May 25. Feel free to pre-order at your leisure, though, and listen to the opening track, “Vozes Ricas,” below.

Paz & Amor tracklisting:

01. Vozes Ricas
02. Ritmos e Melodias
03. Paz & Amor
04. Samba
05. Fronteiras

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