DJ Marfox announces new Príncipe EP “Chapa Quente”

DJ Marfox announces new Príncipe EP "Chapa Quente"
Photo: Marta Pina

DJ Marfox, the pioneering centerpiece of the acclaimed Afro-Portugese dance music coming out of Lisbon, has just revealed a new EP. The six-track collection, Chapa Quente, will drop April 15 on the incredible Príncipe imprint, whose first release was Marfox’s Eu Sei Quem Sou way back in 2011. According to the label:

The raw and more minimal sound of the producer’s formative years has mutated into a complex web of influences and new realizations on full display in his new “Chapa Quente” EP. […] More skills bring more thrills and the overall feel of “Chapa Quente” is that of a perpetual chase scene on a New Lisbon constantly reorganized by the pull of different cultures, something that resonates with Marfox’s upbringing in the now demolished shantytown of Quinta da Vitória, where he came of age among neighbors who had emigrated from India,
Pakistan, São Tomé e Príncipe or Cabo Verde, admittedly having informed his sound aesthetics and practice.

Listen to “2685” below, followed by Chapa Quente tracklist.

A1 2685
A2 Unsound
A3 Tarraxo Everyday
B1 Kassumbula
B2 Cobra Preta
B3 B18

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