DJ Nate, Planet Mu’s first footwork signing, returns with new album Take Off Mode

DJ Nate, Planet Mu's first footwork signing, returns with new album Take Off Mode

Nine years ago, Planet Mu introduced much of the world to footwork through DJ Nate’s Da Track Genious, their first footwork release way back in September 2010 (yes, before releasing music from Rashad, RP Boo, or Traxman; and even before DJ Roc’s The Crack Capone). And now, following an accident a couple years ago that left him temporarily paralyzed from the neck down, DJ Nate returns to Planet Mu with a new album, titled Take Off Mode.

In addition to the accident, the return also follows Nate’s long foray producing tracks in the R&B/drill vein, including “Gucci Goggles” (which got co-signs from Chance the Rapper and Chief Keef) and his Flexx Washington mixtape as Baka Da Flexxbabii. But the tracks off Take Off Mode see the Chicago producer back in footwork mode, with tracks culled from 2010 to now.

Take Off Mode is out April 26. Grab the album from Planet Mu here and get a taste below with the highly presumptuous “You Ain’t Ready To Battle.”

Take Off Mode tracklist:

01. Bring Your Best Crack
02. You Ain’t Ready To Battle
03. Come Back
04. Oh Woooaaah
05. Get Rid Of Em
06. Fuck Dat
07. Wat U Wont 2 Do
08. Go Krazy
09. Get Back
10. Get It Right Hoe
11. Just Be Truu
12. Pack Em
13. Aww Baby What U Waitn
14. Talk 2 Me
15. Planet Mu
16. Get Off Me (Betta Get Back)
17. La Happy Day

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