Footwork producer DJ Roc to show em’ how it’s done overseas, dropping new LP TAKE EM’ OUT THE CIRCLE on Shinkaron

Footwork producer DJ Roc to show em' how it's done overseas, dropping new LP TAKE EM' OUT THE CIRCLE on Shinkaron

DJ Roc is Clarence Johnson, a footwork/juke producer from Chicago (specifically the Southside), and he’s legit. Roc formed a crew called “Bosses of The Circle” and started releasing mixtapes — which means he’s legit. DJ Slugo, the ghetto house/juke god you may have heard of, then discovered Roc and started releasing his tracks on CD — which means he’s legit. After a few releases with Slugo and Dance Mania Records (the influential curator of Chicago dance culture), Roc dropped a full-length titled The Crack Capone through eclectic bass-behemoth Planet Mu, receiving some rave reviews (perhaps because it’s just tough music to argue with) — which means he’s legit. Now he’s releasing an album for the Japanese label Shinkaron called TAKE EM OUT THE CIRCLE, followed by another album in the fall — which means the dude’s damn legit.

This ish — which is out today — features a few collabs — DJ Diamond, DJ Clent, and DJ Phaze. All could be called legit, no problem. Tracklist and snippet below.


01. Surrender
02. Anti-Blood
03. It Take Grinding To Be A King
04. Dead Or Alive
05. Back It Up
06. Bus Down In The House
08. Get It Daddy (Gimme Dat) Ft. DJ Clent
09. Elevated Muzik
10. Relax Breathe
11. War Time
12. Data Romance Deep Remix
12. Suicide (Get Burn’t) Ft. DJ Diamond & DJ Phaze
13. Get Burn’t Ft. DJ Phaze
14. Siickk Pt1
15. Ooo Baby

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