DJ Taye releasing Move Out this week on Hyperdub, premieres title track

DJ Taye releasing Move Out this week on Hyperdub, premieres title track
Photo: Desmond Penn

Everyone’s always asking why everyone around here at the TMT offices looks so good. Well… truth is, we’ve secretly been sweating off all of those delicious break-room donuts by dancing to Chicago-bred producer/DJ/TEKLIFE mainstay DJ Taye’s heady footwork since like 2011. But I have a feeling that our workout plan is about to go mainstream in, oh, about two days, because this Friday (November 25) is when Taye’s new EP Move Out gets unleashed via the illimitable cats at Hyperdub and, with its irresistible dancefloor theatrics, will forever change the way the world burns calories.

Before the main event goes down, though, you can warm up your hips, quads, and hamstrings now by checking out the EP’s synth-swathed and trance-inducing title track “Move Out,” which we have the pleasure of premiering down below. And when you’re toweling off afterward, instead of wasting cash on some purple coconut water bullshit, you can pre-order the whole EP now on 12-inch and digital directly from Taye’s Bandcamp. Total. Lifestyle. UPGRADE.

Here’s Taye on the title track:

“Move Out” was just me trying to make something different than what I’d been doing around the time of production. I had no idea that around a year later it would be the title track of my second record and that I’d actually be moving out of my old home of 15 years into a new place.

Move Out tracklist:

01. Burnin Ya Boa (feat. DJ Manny)
02. Go 2 Sleep (feat. DJ Earl)
03. I Need I Want (feat. DJ Manny)
04. Move Out

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