The Dodos Cook Up 3-Step Plan to Combat Time to Die Leak

The new Dodos album, Time to Die (TMT News), has escaped from captivity and made it out onto the internet -- two months before the original September 15 release date. Them’s the breaks, but Dodos aren’t taking it lying down. The jittery San Francisco folk trio have enacted a three-step plan to combat the leak. Roll the slides!

- Step 1: Set up a website where fans can listen to the album, download (in exchange for one shiny e-mail address) an MP3 of the track “Fables,” pre-order a physical copy of the record, and watch a video message from the band. All this because, as singer Meric Long puts it, they want you to “hear it and feel it.” I don’t know if I really want to “feel” an album called Time to Die. Sounds kind of scary, but whatever.

- Step 2: Bump the digital release date way up. On July 28, you can download the album exclusively from Amazon MP3. It’ll even be the Amazon Daily Deal that day, meaning it will be crazy cheap. If you’re not so down with Amazon, don’t worry: the record will be available at other digital music retailers the following week.

- Step 3: Swim in their new Uncle Scrooge-esque pool of money.

Maybe that last step is jumping the gun a bit, but let’s hope it comes to pass for The Dodos' sake. I mean, that would be pretty cool.

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