Domino Recording Company runs for charities, asks for donations, persuades you with potential goodies

Domino Recording Company runs for charities, asks for donations, persuades you with potential goodies

Absent a staff list on their website with adjacent professional head-shots, we can only surmise the collective physical appearance of the people behind Domino, one of independent music’s largest and most successful labels, with headquarters in London but an office in Brooklyn, alongside French and German divisions. I’m personally imagining an unrivaled convergence of “beautifulness,” exemplified by carefully sculpted beards, stupendous fashion choices, and a general appreciation for music that only adds to the attraction. What happens, though, if you replace the raw denim with track shorts, in a potentially unflattering display of excessive leg hair? Well, what you have is a necessary sacrifice, for not just one but two good causes!

On October 6, 15 members of “Team Domino” will be running the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon in London in order to raise funds for two UK-based charities: Shelter from the Storm, London’s only free homeless shelter, which operates year-round without the benefit of government funding; and MIND, a charity dedicated to the support of people with mental health issues. As a supplement, Domino is also asking people to support the charities by making a donation through this website (oh, and look, a photo of some of the Domino folk!). At the time of writing, they’re about halfway toward reaching their goal of raising 10,000 quid.

Moreover, if altruism stops short of being a sufficient motivator, each donator will be entered to win a Domino “swag bag,” so long as you leave a message saying “GO TEAM DOMINO” in the designated message box. There are five such “swag bags” ready for distribution, and from the looks of the possible contents, well… I’m guessing the bag would have to be rather large.

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