Drake’s Scorpion is a double album

Drake's Scorpion is a double album
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Sick of Drake? TOO BAD. On the eve of release day, Drake has revealed that Scorpion, his fifth studio release, is actually a double album. Champagne Papi, perhaps best known for making fun of social media in his lyrics, hopped on social media to reveal the full tracklist, which includes mega-hits “God’s Plan” and “Nice For What” in a 25-long tracklist. That’s like three and a half G.O.O.D. albums!

BUT. WILL. IT. BREAK. STREAMING. RECORDS. With a 25-song tracklist and two huge singles under Billboard’s stream-centric metrics, it would seem that Drake would be well on his way to claiming the #1 spot (YES!!!). Breaking streaming records, however, is not guaranteed (wait, wtf?). According to Genius, Billboard has tinkered with its chart algorithm, which will now weight paid streams (Apple, Spotify, TIDAL) over free streams (YouTube, free-tier Spotify). The new metric goes into effect tomorrow, the same day as Scorpion’s release, making this not an album at all, but a test case that you can listen to.

Now that you’re properly pumped, look for Drake’s new and exciting test case at midnight via Young Money, Cash Money, Republic, OVO Sound, Interscope, Atlantic, Spotify, Apple Music, PAN, Noumenal Loom, etc, and don’t you dare forget Drake’s tour with Migos.

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