Dredd Foole and Ben Chasny plan Drunk with Insignificance LP, argue over who is newest, weirdest, most American

Dredd Foole and Ben Chasny plan Drunk with Insignificance LP, argue over who is newest, weirdest, most American

Hey there reader, is your America feeling a little old and boring lately? Are you looking to inject something “new” and “weird” into it? Well as long as no one runs a think piece about whether or not “new weird America” is still a thing or if it ever even was a thing or if we should even be talking about it at all in 2014 before June 10, I think I’ve got just the thing. It’s called Drunk with Insignificance and it’s the long-awaited collaborative LP from Dredd Foole and Ben Chasny.

Both Chasny and Foole have been riding that collab-train quite a bit lately because, when you think about it, playing solo can get pretty lonely. Early this year, Chasny released his collaboration with Donovan Quinn in New Bums, and last year in Rangda. Foole put out another collaborative album this year entitled Wrong Number, a live recording of a performance with Chris Corsano, Steve Baczkowski, Bill Nace, and Paul Flaherty. I feel like honestly we should maybe text them a little later, just to see, you know, what they’re up to.

Anyway, Drunk with Insignificance is a collaboration that’s been in the works — or that’s at least been discussed between the two guys — since the late 90s or so. The LP consists primarily of loose compositions where Chasny’s electric guitar snakes all around Foole’s acoustic guitar and vocals. Arriving in a limited edition of 300 from Feeding Tube Records, you can grab the thing right here. Check out album opener “Fly” below.

Drunk with Insignificance tracklisting:

01. Fly
02. The Fear
03. Bedlam’s Blend
04. If Things Don’t Get Better
05. Four Roses for Jack
06. Your Heart
07. Won’t Make It
08. Pressed for Illumination
09. Losing My Mind

• Ben Chasny: http://www.sixorgans.com
• Dredd Foole: http://www.discogs.com/artist/346032-Dredd-Foole
• Feeding Tube: http://www.feedingtuberecords.com

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