dublab holds “Proton Drive” fundraiser, releases theme song from Sun Araw

dublab holds "Proton Drive" fundraiser, releases theme song from Sun Araw

Los Angeles’ non-profit, online radio station dublab is hosting another “Proton Drive” fundraiser this season, offering up all sorts of music bundles and other ways to help out the listener-supported organization. As of this writing, the drive has raised more than half of its $25,000 goal, with less than two days left. So go donate: you can give any amount you like, but at $20 you’ll receive a compilation of anonymous electronic music called Ghost Writer and at $50 you’ll get a collection of piano mixes. There are more gifts as you get higher on the donation scale, but the best might be in the $500+ range — a plaque with your name on it, and every digital download that dublab’s ever made.

To get Angelenos in the spirit of giving, local artist Sun Araw has released an official theme song for the drive, a dub collage of filtered guitar and rubbery sub-bass. Respected labels like Friends of Friends, Leaving, Ninja Tune, and Burger have also partnered with dublab for some special online bundles called “Flash Packs,” which they’ve donated to the station so that 100% of proceeds go towards the fund. Check out all the gifts you can buy for your cool friends and family this winter right here. Then stick around to watch some of this week’s special radio shows from Suzanne Kraft, Seano, Silent Servant, Heidi Lawden, and others.

• dublab: http://dublab.com

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