E-40 to release four albums in July, wear glasses

E-40 to release four albums in July, wear glasses

Evidently, the 40 in E-40’s name has always been some sort of life goal. “Hey guys,” E-40 once said. “I’m going to release 40 albums in a single year.” After he said that, everybody laughed and laughed and laughed. Because, frankly, that is crazy. Most people don’t release 40 albums in a single lifetime, much less a single year. But, boy, do those laughers look stupid as heck now. At the rate E-40 is going, he may well actually accomplish something that massively silly. Case in point: XXL reports that E-40 is putting out four albums on July 15.

That said, there’s an argument that E-40 is simply putting out one quad-album. The four records comprise a project titled Sharp On All 4 Corners. Individually, these albums are titled Corner 1, Corner 2, Corner 3, and… Corner 4. Rumor has it if you listen to all four records simultaneously, it will sound like a goddamn mess.

• E-40: https://www.facebook.com/e40

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