Earth guitarist Dylan Carlson announces new album on Sargent House, whets our appetites with first single “Scorpions in Their Mouths”

Earth guitarist Dylan Carlson announces new album on Sargent House, whets our appetites with first single "Scorpions in Their Mouths"
Photo: Holly Carlson

Springtime is just around the corner, everyone. Can you feel it? The sight of little scrawny birds returning? The fecund smell of garbage in the alley when the slightly-warmer sun hits it just right? The bucolic sounds of droning, psychedelic doom metal wafting from the shitty speakers in the ceiling at the carwash? Okay, I guess that last one is still a little bit of a stretch…but maybe not for long. Cuz Dylan Carlson, illustrious guitarist for the perennially-hip, post-metalists Earth, is about to unleash the warming, glowing power of THE DRONE on his new solo album Conquistador.

Befitting of its pathfinding title, the album — due April 27 on Sargent House — was actually recorded back in 2016 during a short break between east coast sojourns. After months of gestating the material, Carlson reportedly viewed the session “as an opportunity for both catharsis and collaboration, thanks to contributions from the esteemed Emma Ruth Rundle (baritone and slide guitar) and his wife Holly Carlson (percussion, photography, cover model).”

“I guess what ties this all together,” Carlson muses (possibly while stroking his truly excellent metal beard). “All my musical projects — and my life in general — is the idea of the quest, that search for new horizons and something unnamable and possibly unreachable.”

There’s nothing “unnamable” about the record’s first single, however; that shit’s name is fucking “Scorpions in Their Mouths.” And its streaming down below in all of its warped, hypnotic, terrifying, purifying, noisy glory. You can also pre-order Conquistador from Sargent House here and check out the cover art, tracklisting, and a smattering of upcoming US tour dates with SLEEP down below.

Conquistador tracklisting:

01. Conquistador
02. When The Horses Were Shorn Of Their Hooves
03. And then the Crows Descended
04. Scorpions in their Mouths
05. Reaching the Gulf

Carlson on tour:

07.22.18 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club *
07.25.18 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory *
07.27.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Steel *
07.28.18 - Boston, MA - Royale *
08.01.18 - Chicago, IL - Riviera *


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