Earth’s Dylan Carlson to release album of solo guitar and fairy legends as drcarlsonalbion

Earth's Dylan Carlson to release album of solo guitar and fairy legends as drcarlsonalbion
Photo: Holly Carlson

In today’s shocking news, a drone metal legend has expressed interest in occultism/supernatural creatures/British folklore. This time it’s Mr. Dylan Carlson, a.k.a. drcarlsonalbion, aka the founding member and main dude from Earth. He’s self-releasing the beautifully-named Falling With A Thousand Stars and other Wonders From The House Of Albion on June 25, which takes inspiration from English and Scottish folklore on human/fairy interactions. But not like happy little fluttering Disney fairies — we’re talking the weird, sometimes malevolent kind found in historical testimony from witch trials and in tales whispered by old women to frightened children. In all honesty, I’m excited, because it totally makes my own weird fairy folklore obsession less “crushed velvet/Ren Fest” and waaaaay more metal.

The album, which began initially as a Kickstarter project, features Carlson playing solo guitar and was recorded at Seattle’s crackle’n’pop studios with Johnny Sangster (Mudhoney, The Briefs, Murder City Devils, The Posies). Get a peak at what it would be like to hang out in a stone circle with drcarlsonalbion and his accounts of the fair folk by checking out this video.


01. Reynard The Fox
02. She Moved Thro’ The Faire
03. Alisson Gross
04. Rose In The Heather
05. Tamlane
06. King Orfeo
07. The Elfin Knight

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