Perennial Detroit techno duo Ectomorph return to form for a first-ever album

Perennial Detroit techno duo Ectomorph return to form for a first-ever album
Erika and BMG, in their native environment (and color scheme)

“We can’t all go to late night raves in Detroit,” my mother used to croon as she rocked me to sleep as a newborn in 1994. “Why doesn’t mommy get you some nice headphones and you can listen to the sets on LimeWire in a few years?” Ah, ‘94, those were the good days…

1994 was also, coincidentally, the year that Brendan M Gillen (BMG) started Ectomorph, a proto-techno project that by 1997 would have recruited ascending DJ Erika, and for the next couple decades would continue to make Detroit music for Detroit’s sake. If you couldn’t ever make it to one of their legendary live shows? Well you’d have to suffer like lil ol’ me and everyone else. Until now!

Now, Ectomorph are returning to the label BMG started in 95, Interdimensional Transmissions, for what’s being called their first-ever “album.” Stalker hits shelves this Halloween — just in time for those eerie dance parties I grew up learning to love. You can stream both a teaser video and a sampler down below, just to rub in your face that yeah, you had to be there.

Stalker was, true to Ectomorph form, recorded live in one (or two) takes in the Interdimensional Laboratories in Detroit. It is comprised completely of analogue sounds, produced from the duo’s mountains and molehills of Moogs. No editing at all. Some people forget that techno and technology are bound up in one another, but not these folks!

Well, I learned long ago that when you can’t make the live set, a 2xLP set will do just fine. So go on ahead and pre-order the record on vinyl and digital now. Oh, and pick yourself up a t-shirt while you’re at it. That’ll show those neighbor kids who think they know a thing or two about “electronic music.”

Stalker tracklisting:

01. Beyond the Six Realms
02. Filthy Demands
03. Agate
04. Crawl of the Cthulhu
05. Mysteries (of The)
06. Stalker
07. The Alarm
08. Psychick Downfall
09. In Dreams

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