Editions Mego to reissue the fourth and final album by Dome (members of Wire) in November

Editions Mego to reissue the fourth and final album by Dome (members of Wire) in November

Here’s the 411, millennials:

After Wire (which was a “band” in which “certain men” played “certain instruments”) called it quits back in 1980 (which was a year near the end of the 20th century in which all the memes belonged to Richard Dawkins), founding members Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis — along with some generous assistance from engineer Eric Radcliffe and his Blackwing Studio (which was a sort of room where “professionals” “recorded” “record albums”) — founded a new group called Dome.

The project was founded with the expressed intention of “using the studio as a compositional tool” managed to record and release a remarkable three albums within one year (all issued on their own label, no less). This furious output comprised DOME (July 1980), DOME 2 (October 1980) and DOME 3 (October 1981). Mercifully easy to remember.

Before they ran out of steam, however, the trio released a fourth and final document, entitled DOME 4: WILL YOU SPEAK THIS WORD in May 1983 and released it on the Norway-based Uniton label. Ever since then, it has only been available as part of the complete Dome 1-4+5 boxed set, issued back in 2011.

End of story.

No, just kidding. The whole point is: Editions Mego is reissuing this gem as a standalone vinyl disc (yes yes, and digital download) on November 29! Whoa. That’s, like, appreciably soon!

Don’t worry, though. You still have some time to pre-order the album, in all of its stark and ruthless experimental beauty, by gesturing here with your Apple Watch haptics or whatever the fuck it is you do.

Oh, and you can even use YouTube to check out one of the album’s constituent tracks ahead of time down below. Thank Christ for the 21st century!

Oh, and 411 means “information.”

4 Will You Speak This Word tracklisting:

01. To Speak
02. To Walk, To Run
03. To Duck, To Dive
04. This
05. Seven Year
06. Atlas

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