Editions Mego to release Sendai’s Ground and Figure

Editions Mego to release Sendai's Ground and Figure

Ever feel like the music you’re listening to is occupying a confined space due to how it was mixed or the unspoken prerequisite of existing in a particular sub-genre? Certainly much of Raster-Noton’s back catalog gives off this impression as an aside, and one doesn’t indulge Ryoji Ikeda, for instance, without first expecting (and expecting to enjoy) glitchy tones limited in a sense by his contemporary electronic take on minimalism. Then comes Sendai, the collaborative project of producers Yves de Mey and Peter Van Hoesen, and their upcoming release Ground and Figure is promising to encompass while at the same time retaining the static (in the aural sense) bedrock that dates back all the way to the opening track on their 2012 debut, Geotope. Yves and Peter aren’t going to Disney World, and they aren’t leaving quite as much room for imagination this time around.

Ground and Figure is out December 9, and in contrast to Sendai’s last release A Smaller Divide, which was just the second release on the duo’s Archives Intérieures imprint, this new one is being offered through the capable, meaty hands of Peter Rehberg’s Editions Mego. At least one prior interview has made it seem as though Sendai is but a side venture for both Yves and Hoesen, who shared the scene in Brussels during the mid-00s and beyond, but don’t be surprised if continued Sendai attention is the name of the game once December comes and goes.

Steps forward. Here’s the pre-order page and a track:

Ground and Figure tracklisting:

01. 002 Archiefkwestie
02. Porter Swiss
03. Apopads
04. Perfect Boulevard Exclusive
05. Liveable Beams
06. Uit De Kluis 01
07. W180215Yves-PVH-R
08. Model Unit
09. Punctual Sleepy Soft Power
10. 003 Archiefkwestie

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