Now, more than ever, the world needs an Egyptian Lover anthology box set

Now, more than ever, the world needs an Egyptian Lover anthology box set

Girls. Freaky girls. Egypt. Partying in Egypt. Partying in Egypt with freaky girls. The growing pangs of a new democracy. These topics are the stuff seminal West Coast electro-rapper Egyptian Lover’s dreams are made of. Well, maybe not that last one, but who knows? Maybe Egyptian Lover will spit some rhymes about the Arab Spring on his forthcoming new release. Sure, the 80s were about girls, partying, and Egypt, but it’s a new world now, and that new world needs Egyptian Lover’s innovative blend of electronic music and old school hip-hop now more than ever.

And so, L.A.’s own Stones Throw label is giving the Lover the retrospective treatment he so richly deserves. The man known to his mama as Greg Broussard is in the midst of compiling his work into an anthology box set featuring classic and, yes, unreleased tracks for a 2014 release. The Stones Throw anthology will also include some mysterious kind of 12-inch — be it a new track or a classic track, only one thing can be sure, this 12-inch will probably relate back in some way to the land of the pharaohs. After all, Egyptian Lover’s oeuvre is a very consistent one. Known for singles like “”Egypt, Egypt,” “My House (On the Nile) and “Dial-A-Freak,” Broussard made Egyptian Lover a household name by releasing mixtapes of artists like Kraftwerk and Rick James together with his own 808-heavy tunes, later joining rap crew Uncle Jamm’s Army. Recently, Egyptian Lover has toured with M.I.A., and he’ll be DJing and performing at Hollywood’s Amoeba Records on July 26.

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