Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) announces new album New View

Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) announces new album New View

Oh sweet, sweet Eleanor, she of the furnaces so fiery, she of the solo LPs Personal Record and Last Summer, the very ones spun with breezy abandon late into summer nights, she has returned, triumphantly, excitedly, and bearing news of a new album. New View, that’s what it’s called, and January 22, that’s when it’s out. “What label, pray tell?” But of course, Frenchkiss!

“Could I trouble you for a bit from the press release, perhaps on how the album was recorded?” I am happy to oblige, dear friend. You see, these songs, though written and composed by Eleanor Friedberger, they were arranged in conjunction with her backing band Icewater and recorded straight to tape in a converted barn in Germantown, NY. The result, as you might predict, has been described as “rustic” and “perhaps a bit dusty from all the hay laying around.”

“What about…” No! There’s no more time for questions. Friedberger has a few select dates planned for November, and if we’re to make it to them in time and on foot, we have to leave now. I will leave you only with the final note that, yes, my mother is doing well. I texted her earlier and despite some minor complaints about her foot pain, she’s had a lovely morning and early afternoon. Please enjoy the now factually inaccurate “He Didn’t Mention His Mother” from the album that I have embedded below, be sure to check out the non-album track “False Alphabet City,” and pre-order as you see fit.

New View tracklist:

01. He Didn’t Mention His Mother
02. Open Season
03. Sweetest Girl
04. Your Word
05. Because I Asked You
06. Never Is A Long Time
07. Cathy With The Curly Hair
08. Two Versions Of Tomorrow
09. All Known Things
10. Does Turquoise Work?
11. A Long Walk


11.02.2015 - Los Angeles, CA - Bardot
11.03.2015 - San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar
11.05.2015 - Los Angeles, CA - El Cid
11.09.2015 - New York, NY - Piano’s
11.10.2015 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool

[Photo: Joe DeNardo]

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