Electronic duo Pelada announce debut album on PAN, consider all kinds of movements

Electronic duo Pelada announce debut album on PAN, consider all kinds of movements

Despite what you might think, the recent impulse to get politically involved isn’t just an American response to the systematic shattering of norms by the executive branch. People around the world have been spurned to protest by various events over the past few years; and certainly, Eastern Canada isn’t immune to the issues that have arrived preeminently like a mysterious odor infiltrating one’s apartment.

Pelada doesn’t have a lengthy discography to examine for themes, but for the Montreal club-goers who’ve gotten acquainted through MUTEK (and perhaps who have a passing knowledge of the Spanish language), it’s clear just how much of the duo’s music is influenced by topics/issues deemed presently important. Hell, even without knowing Spanish, you can just tell that Chris Vargas is implicitly ordering you to TAKE ACTION!!… against something.

Pelada’s debut album on PAN is called (and here’s where we mosey over to Google Translate…) Movimiento Para Cambio, which means “movement for change” in English. The tracks on the album accordingly deal with topics ranging from the subjugation of women internationally (“A Mí Me Juzgan Por Ser Mujer”/”They Judge Me for Being a Woman”), to data privacy and security (“Asegura”), which, let’s be honest, isn’t exactly the hottest of topics among those getting political with their music. That’s too bad.

Tobias Rochman is the other member of Pelada, and he’s providing the distinctly rave-inspired backdrop to Vargas’s refreshingly aggressive stand on the soapbox. Listen to the track “Ajetreo” below, and pre-order the new one ahead of its October 4 release, here.

Movimiento Para Cambio tracklisting:

01. A Mí Me Juzgan Por Ser Mujer
02. Ajetreo
03. Habla Tu Verdad
04. Asegura
05. Granadilla
06. Caderona
07. Desatado
08. Perra
09. Aquí

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