Electronic/hip-hop duo Dis Fantasy drop debut EP on Deathbomb Arc

Electronic/hip-hop duo Dis Fantasy drop debut EP on Deathbomb Arc

Have you heard the good news?! About Dis Fantasy, the new project from vocalist Brittany Love and producer Margot Padilla?! Their debut EP (which may either be self-titled or untitled depending on your perspective/which website you use to order it) is out now from Deathbomb Arc, and it’s filled with the kind of stripped down, bouncy, uptempo energy that haunts all of our Fridays (in a good way!). Thank god I was here!

Here’s a literally copy-pasted description from Bandcamp (like I said, it’s Friday…):

Dis Fantasy is hip-hop duo Brittany Love and Margot Padilla. Their debut EP drops on 06/25/19 and is inspired by television shows and movies from early 00’s Disney Channel. This album is dedicated to Brittany Love’s younger brother Tony who lost his life way too soon. Tony LIVES! Thank you for listening! <3

Any member of the Synths and 808s Fanclub (I’m not checking to see if that actually exists) will feel at home in the ridges of this extended play record, but to help you get started, I put a little guide together. For example, do you want a hyperactive burner with footwork speed and punchy house chords? Try opening track “That’s So.” Want drumline beats and a subwoofer workout? “I” might just be what you need! Want a funky, synth bass-led groove with an earworm hook? “Wrist Watch” is for you! Want subpar music? Look elsewhere, you tineared weirdo!

Okay, that’s enough, just go grab the EP from Bandcamp or get the limited edition cassette here (only 104 left!). Listen to the tracklisting and read some songs below. Yes I know that last sentence is fucked up but I don’t caaaaare!!!!! (It was also intentionaaaaaal!!!!)

Dis Fantasy EP tracklisting:

01. That’s So
02. Wrist Watch
03. Let Me Love You
04. She Magical
05. I

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