Oh, lucky day! Elf Power release new album Twitching in Time TODAY, premiere full-album stream on TMT (also TODAY)!

Oh, lucky day! Elf Power release new album Twitching in Time TODAY, premiere full-album stream on TMT (also TODAY)!

Although loosely attributed to 17th century poet John Milton, the quip “Luck is the residue of design” is more often referenced with the pioneering baseball executive Branch Rickey in mind. His full quote on the subject went something like: “good luck is what is left over after intelligence and effort have combined at their best.” Add a little something about “doing good stuffs” and you can pretty much can sum-up the career of famed lo-fi all-stars Elf Power. Twitching in Time, the band’s thirteenth album, is released today via its own imprint Orange Twin and, as “luck” would have it, we have the full-album stream below!

Many of us have been truly fortuitous to have had Elf Power in our music-listening lives for many years now. But for the sake of the uninitiated: the band formed in 1994 and share the same timeless quality and charm as many of the like-minded Elephant 6 psychsters with whom they have long-been associated (Orange Twin has issued many of their friends’ records over the years, and some early Elf Power efforts were co-issued by E6).

And, just like it was back in those halcyon “noughties” and “oughties,” the band still cultivates a defiant sense of community and distinct anti-glamour through its music, label, and conservationist activities (Elf Power’s multi-instrumentalist Laura Carter’s co-founded Orange Twin Conservation Community ecovillage).

Twitching in Time sees them once again capturing their evocative blend of melodic, mind-bending songs and experimental, folk, and Americana sensibilities. Long-standing members Carter and Andrew Rieger are joined by Peter Alvanos, Matthew Garrison, and Davey Wrathgabar on drums, bass, and guitar. Grab your copy the novel-yet-familiar lo-fi madness right over here, and be sure to check out the band’s list of tour dates below, most of which are co-headlining shows with former Guided By Voices’ linchpin Tobin Sprout.

Twitching track- in Time -listing:

01. Halloween Out Walking
02. Ten Dollars on the Ground
03. Watery Shreds
04. The Cat Trapped in the Wall
05. Sniper in the Balcony
06. All Things Combined
07. In a Room
08. Too Many Things in My Hands
09. Cycling Aimlessly
10. Cold Vines
11. Twitching in Time
12. Melted Down
13. Withered Husk
14. Gorging on the Feast

Elves al fresco with a side of Sprout:

05.18.17 - Atlanta, GA - 529 Club %
05.19.17 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre roof %
05.20.17 - Birmingham, AL - Syndicate Lounge %
05.21.17 - Memphis, TN - River Series at Harbor Town Amphitheater %
05.22.17 - Nashville, TN - The High Watt %
05.23.17 - Asheville, NC - Mothlight %
05.24.17 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle backroom %
05.25.17 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter %
05.26.17 - Washington, DC - Songbyrd
05.27.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right #
08.09.17 - Athens, GA - 40 Watt Club, Athens Popfest

% Tobin Sprout
# Sunwatchers

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