Eli Keszler announces European tour ahead of new album Stadium; stay calm, you hooligans!

Eli Keszler announces European tour ahead of new album Stadium; stay calm, you hooligans!

Gotta love those drummers and their perfect senses of timing:

Ahead of releasing his new album Stadium October 12 on Shelter Press, Eli Keszler is giving the general public fair warning about an international tour that he has planned more or less simultaneously.

First, the virtuoso percussionist will join Oneohtrix Point Never for a few shows; and then, once October arrives, Keszler will venture as the headliner to various venues around Europe, where audiences will greet him with a warmth unparalleled even by a perfectly-baked, delightfully-spicy gingerbread man! And after that, and he’s also going to be playing a few shows in Poland alongside Rashad Becker, which should likewise prove pretty awesome, given their shared abilities across multiple technical/artistic areas. It’ll be two renaissance men showcasing their skills and making the rest of us feel inadequate and unaccomplished! Who else can’t wait?!

Yup; good looking, smart, and funny. Yes, that’s Zack Morr…uh, I mean, Eli Keszler! He could perform open-heart surgery with those drumsticks. And his visual work is also deserving similarly fantastical hyperbole…if only I had the time to think of some more!


09.12.18 - Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya O-East *
09.20.18 - Berlin, Germany - Funkhaus *
09.24.18 - Paris, France - Le Centquatre *
09.26.18 - Montreal, QC - Monument-National *
10.02.18 - New York, NY - The Kitchen (album release event)
10.12.18 - Columbia, MD - Opus
10.24.18 - Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon (album release event)
10.31.18 - London, UK - Cafe Oto
11.02.18 - Dublin, Ireland - Bello Bar
11.04.18 - Vienna, Austria - Rhiz
11.07.18 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Bourg
11.08.18 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Fuga
11.13.18 -Aalborg, Denmark - Tape
11.14.18 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Alice
11.15.18 - Stockholm, Sweden - Fasching
11.20.18 - Brno, Czech Republic - Praha
11.22.18 -Poznan, Poland - Las &
11.23.18 - Warsaw, Poland - Mozg &
11.24.18 - Gdańsk, Poland - Kolonia Artystow

* Oneohtrix Point Never
& Rashad Becker

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