Éliane Radigue and Lee Gamble to perform live inside a cave this September!

Éliane Radigue and Lee Gamble to perform live inside a cave this September!
Lee Gamble in Stratford, East London, June 2014 (Photo: Leon Chew)

Anyone who has ever dabbled with a digital audio workstation will know that, somewhere in the reverb plug-in presets, there is always a “cave” setting that makes it sound like your (totally original!) EDM production is being played in the depths of a dark and never-ending cavern. Alas, awesome as this shortcut to extreme-ambience may be, it’s got nothing on the REAL THING: which is probably why two legitimate electronic stars, Éliane Radigue and Lee Gamble, have just announced that they’ll soon be playing a very special show…from an ACTUAL CAVE.

This uniquely-reverberant aural experience — which is set to take place at Great Masson Cave in Derbyshire, UK on Sunday, September 17 — will find Radigue premiering a new piece called OCCAM River XV; while Gamble, who has a new album dropping the not too distant future, will be premiering his first-ever acoustic works titled “Karstics” and will somehow be jamming the entire London Contemporary Orchestra inside the cave to support him! (So, basically, bottom line is — stop relying on cheap pre-sets on digital workstations and get yourself out to an actual freaking cave.)

For lots more info and to grab your tickets (which include the price of a coach from London or Manchester), head over here. But if you’re not exactly a coach ride away from Derbyshire, fear not: BBC Radio 3 will also be broadcasting the entire event, so there’s kinda no excuse for all “nerds who use DAW’s with cave reverb settings” to miss this encounter with the real thing. And speaking of “no excuse,” why not whet your verb-drenched whistle with some handily posted samples of the Gamble and Radigue’s respective musical aesthetics down below?

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