Eluvium continues the ethereal blitz with new Life Through Bombardment box set

Eluvium continues the ethereal blitz with new Life Through Bombardment box set

Is the “bombardment” to which Eluvium is referring one of emotions? Because if you were one of the lucky few able to acquire the first Life Through Bombardment in 2009, chances are, you just wept and wept upon your initial gazing of its stupendous book-like package, which did a wonderful job of fooling the hell out of nosy shelf perusers (assuming that’s where you put it). Then came the music itself, and silly purchasers, if you’re buying an Eluvium release of this magnitude, you should know to expect a literal eruption of tear ducts, whereby the only recourse is to let them drain like an anatomical sump pump. Inevitably, a complete siphoning happened at some point during the package’s explicit hours of listening.

Remember, that was back in 2009, and the Portland-based Matthew Cooper has been plenty active since then, so obviously that necessitates a second volume of compiled ambient wonder. Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 is set to ship “on or around” December 15 in an edition of 1000, and it contains seven LPs tracking Eluvium’s work since 2007’s Copia. This will be the first chance to experience these albums on vinyl, and they’ll be accompanied intra-book-like-package by a poster and an MP3 download of the whole collection.

$150 seems about right. Pre-orders are facilitated here.

Life Through Bombardment Vol. 2 tracklisting:

Side A: Similes
01. Leaves Eclipse The Light
02. The Motion Makes Me Last
03. In Culmination
04. Weird Creatures
5. Nightmare 5

Side B: Similes
01. Making Up Minds
02. Bending Dream
03. Cease To Know

Side C: Similes B-Sides
01. A Life In Tides Less Current
02. Crash Deconstructed
03. Remnant Signals

Side D: Similes Remixes
01. The Motion Makes Me Last (Four Tet Remix)
02. Leaves Eclipse The Light (Nick Zammuto Remix)

Side E: Static Nocturne
01. Static Nocturne Pt. 1

Side F: Static Nocturne
01. Static Nocturne Pt. 2

Side G: Nightmare Ending
01. Don’t Get Any Closer
02. Warm
03. By The Rails

Side H: Nightmare Ending
01. Unknown Variation
02. Caroling
03. Sleeper
04. Envenom Mettle

Side I: Nightmare Ending
01. Chime
02. Rain Gently
03. Impromptu (For The Procession)

Side J: Nightmare Ending
01. Covered In Writing
02. Entendre
03. Strange Arrivals
04. Happiness

Side K: Wisdom For Debris
01. Wisdom II
02. Wind Book

Side L: Wisdom For Debris
01. Return To Debris
02. Night Projections

Side M: Curious Things
01. Ogives / Redistributed
02. Confessor
03. Adolescent Space Adventures Outside The Supermarket
04. Space Variations

Side N: Curious Things
01. Defibrillator
02. Airtapebreathingheart
03. Cognition Interlace
04. Neighboring In Telescopes

• Eluvium: http://www.eluvium.net
• Temporary Residence Ltd: http://temporaryresidence.com

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