Elysia Crampton announces her fourth official album, out on Break World Records

Elysia Crampton announces her fourth official album, out on Break World Records
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Just yesterday, I was wondering when Elysia Crampton would be releasing her new album. And here we are, today, with news that Elysia Crampton has just announced a new self-titled album! <3 <3 <3

The six-track album is Crampton’s fourth official release, and according to Break World Records, it “draws on various Andean styles such as kullawada, huayño, tarqueada, quirqui / tundique, khantus, & morenada, together with genres like metal, psychedelic, & jazz fusion, to tell a story of her movement in the world— performing her history, both sonically & corporeally, as a means to gain economic access & agency.” The work is dedicated to Ofelia, an Andean trans revolutionary who sought justice not through academic or state institutions, but through music, body, and dress.

As Crampton describes the record:

This record is an antistrophe, an active re-turning,
qhipnayra, eye-blossoms of past born on the future’s spiral spine
Antistrophe as a turning against, that responsive & resonating
refusal to be still– janiwa, the No that we are that is also And–
Y y Y
Antistrophe fleshed like a ch’ixi stone
carried inside but fractured like the granules that pigment our skin,
songs knotted to a body document held, drawn by darkness—
deep shadow’d hanging city,
city like a spider that hoards us in the web of its avenues

Elysia Crampton is out April 27 via Break World Records, which also released Crampton’s 2016 record, Demon City. Order the album here (CD, LP, digital), and listen to its first single, “Solilunita,” below. If you’re not too transfixed by the track’s jerky eskibeat-like rhythms and jarring cymbal embellishments, scroll down further for European dates, featuring Crampton’s new audiovisual show “Red Clouds” and duo performances with Why Be.

European dates:

04.07.18 - Den Haag, NL - Rewire #
04.20.18 - Bristol, UK - Bristol New Music at Spike Island
04.21.18 - Bucharest, RO - Rokolectiv Festivalen
04.28.18 - Malmo, SE - Intonal
05.11.18 - Berlin, DE - Janus Club Night @ Berghain Saule
05.12.18 - Zurich, CH -Schauspielshaus (Pfauen) $
05.17.18 - Copenhagen, DK - Alice $
05.18.18 - Aarhus, DK - Tape $
05.25.18 - Ghent, BE - Gouvernement $
05.26.18 - Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso Noord (Progress Bar) $
06.01.18 - Vienna, AUT - Vienna Festwochen $

# premiere of Red Clouds
% duo show with Why Be

Elysia Crampton tracklist:

01. Nativity
02. Solilunita
03. Oscollo
04. Pachuyma
05. Orion Song
06. Moscow (Mariposa Voladora)

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