If you love something set it free: Thrill Jockey to release new Holy Sons LP

If you love something set it free: Thrill Jockey to release new Holy Sons LP

Emil Amos (Grails, Om, Lilacs & Champagne) is the distant, crackling voice reaching out across the AM radio waves as you’re driving down a dusty country backroad somewhere in the desert West (or in the sweltering South). The Brooklyn musician’s musical project Holy Sons is the sort of sparse, haunting American music that ghost hitchhikers, philosophical long haul truckers, and the Sebadoh- and Big Star-lovin’ giant concrete dinosaurs from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure listen to while they’re waiting for the next road movie crew to come on by and pick up their narratives. (Yes, those Jurassic Guardians of the Highway do love college rock. Little-known fact.)

And so Thrill Jockey has welcomed Holy Sons into their loving arms, from out of which Amos shall release a new album, The Fact Facer, on September 23. The album was recorded in Amos’ home, and is available for pre-order now. (Hot tip: it’s available on limited-edition purple vinyl, ooooooh.) On August 25, Holy Sons will open for Sleep at NYC’s Stage 48 venue, but unfortunately for you, it’s already sold out.

The Fact Facer tracklisting:

01. Doomed Myself
02. Line Me Back Up
03. Transparent Powers
04. Selfish Thoughts
05. All Too Free
06. Wax Gets in Your Eyes
07. Life Could Be a Dream
08. Long Days
09. No Self Respect
10. Back Down to the Tombs
11. The Fact Facer

• Holy Sons: http://holysons.com
• Thrill Jockey: http://www.thrilljockey.com

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