Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton Will See You Next Year, On Tour

I don’t know about you, but the kids at my elementary school were a bunch of little comedians, little Richard Jenis in training, if you will. On the last day before winter break (one that usually lasted about three weeks, starting in mid-December), a specific scenario would be played out multiple times throughout the day:

Little Comedian: I guess I won’t see you again until next year.

Clueless Kid: What? Is your family moving overseas? Are you getting an operation or something?

Little Comedian: No, not next school year, next year. Get it? The next day of school will be NEXT YEAR. Ha ha ha.

Clueless Kid: That’s stupid.

Anyway, it’s kind of like what Emily Haines is doing to us. She, of Metric, Broken Social Scene, and countless (if you're lazy) other bands, is taking her solo act on the road, but you have to wait until next year to see the shows, specifically January 4, 2007. Haines and her backing band The Soft Skeleton will be playing songs from Knives Don’t Have Your Back, put out earlier this year by Last Gang Records.

Hopefully, Metric fans like the solo stuff, because Ms. Haines says that the mellower style from the solo LP will also be present on the next Metric album. She told Billboard, “I can already see how my work on 'Knives' has affected the direction of the next Metric record, which is cool," adding "We're making up lots of music in a bit mellower vibe.” The band spent part of this month writing songs in a “secret” studio in the Seattle area.

Drummer Scott Minor and bassist Paul Dillon will come along to back her up during these dates, and the show will also contain films projections by director Guy Maddin. Tall Firs, who are supporting their 2006 self-titled album on Ecstatic Peace, will open the entire tour.


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