Emptyset promise “a new era of exploration” with Borders on Thrill Jockey

Emptyset promise "a new era of exploration" with Borders on Thrill Jockey

Just as you shake the ringing from British noise soundscapists Emptyset’s last album, which was “an exercise in sublime humility,” the duo is back with news of another sonic-shifting new album.

Thrill Jockey will be releasing Emptyset’s latest assault on your senses, Borders, due January 27. The album promises to be a rhymically focused affair, which the band describes as the “start of a new area of exploration for the project that will be realised through further international live events, bringing the record back into a performance settings and bringing a very human aspect into the sonic lexicon of Emptyset.”

And just in case you were in any doubt about the group losing their edge as they move into their second decade, you can brace yourself for the lead single “Speak” below.

Considering that in the past the group has performed installation pieces in a variety of art galleries and museums, the live events they are hinting at are probably not going to be held at your average sticky carpeted club.

Borders tracklist:

01. Body
02. Border
03. Descent
04. Across
05. Speak
06. Axis
07. Sight
08. Retrieve
09. Ascent
10. Ground
11. Disolve

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