Emptyset put their Signal performance to record, leaving clouds and satellites uncredited

Emptyset put their Signal performance to record, leaving clouds and satellites uncredited

Now now, Hollywood and at least one its cinematic endeavors might’ve conditioned you to accept the scientific possibility of reconnecting with lost loved ones, but rest assured, the realized advances of atmospheric correspondence are way cooler than following signals to an interstellar beach and knocking back a few margaritas with zombie dad.

English electronic duo Emptyset have been interested in the intersection between physics, space, and sound since their formation roughly 10 years ago, and in terms of genre, they’ve demonstrated a similar confluence by incidentally avoiding encapsulation by either the “noise” or “glitch” category. Their music occupies a powerful and investigative purgatory, so when I inform you of their new Signal release, out September 11 on Subtext, you can be sure that its creation was a bit more involved than switching on an oscillator as Batman gets alerted to crime on the TV adjacent. These signals involved audio transmission across real distances!

At CTM Festival earlier this year, James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas sent “audio composed of sine wave structures” to the “oldest transmission station in the world,” located in Nauen, Germany. It was then received by the French radio base Émetteur d’Issoudun and retransmitted back to Berlin, where anybody present presumably bore witness to all kinds of atmospheric artifacts.

If only I had some samples to share. Just assume alien confirmation.

Signal tracklisting:

01. Signal
02. Signal

• Emptyset: http://emptyset.org.uk
• Subtext: http://subtextrecordings.net

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