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- Yeh is also collaborating with New Humans as part of an exhibit called "Disassociate."
- Anyway, the tour will consist of Burning Star Core in its solo incarnation, along with Carlos Giffoni and Prurient.
- Interesting and captivating? That's for you to find out.
- And another tour is called "CMN Free Noise," which will feature Evan Parker, John Wiese, Tim Barnes, Yellow Swans, Metalux, John Edwards, and Culver.
- Yeah man, Keith Fullerton Whitman!
- Dude, fuck you and your McRib.
- Zaimph is the solo project of Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ, and more.
- And you can bet it'll be fun!
- Let us pause for a moment of science.
- The first is called "Paradise Lost Forever."
- Eagles of Hair Metal consists of Alan Licht, Mike Berstein, Greg Kelley (nmperign), Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Tamio Shiraishi.
- Here are the tourdates:
- Besides, it's not my fault that the wire was down there!
- They have labels too, of course: No Fun Productions and Hospital Productions, respectively.
- For example: an actual tourist will never be as "real" a tourist as the local resident who dresses the part.
- Burning Star Core is a project, not a pseudonym.
- C. Spencer Yeh is going on tour in various configurations: as C.S. Yeh Duo and Burning Star Core, which also ranges from solo to other configurations.
- Haha, can you believe that?! How absurdly cheesy.
- But let's be clear here.
- I vote he change the name to "Burnin' Star-Core."
- He's even booked a couple of joint tours with some heavyweights working in so-called "noise."
- But yeah, I hope [?Jean Baudrillard] rests in peace. What a thinker.
- Of course, Yeh will also be at No Fun Fest this year, collaborating with Zaimph.
- There are no dates scheduled in the U.S. for this particular tour, though. Which sucks!


03.09.07 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands Gallery @
03.10.07 - Manhattan, NY - Elizabeth Dee Gallery %
03.16.07 - Austin, TX - Spiro's (SXSW No Quarter/Holy Mountain showcase)
03.17.07 - Austin, TX - Spiro's (SXSW No Quarter/Holy Mountain showcase)
03.23.07 - New York, NY - Tonic with Eagles of Hair Metal, Thurston Moore #
03.24.07 - Baltimore, MD - The Bank with Spore #
03.25.07 - Boston, MA - PA's Lounge with Heathen Shame, KFW #
03.26.07 - Purchase, NY - SUNY Purchase with Lunch w Beardo #
03.27.07 - Montreal, QUE - Casa Del Popolo with Hototogisu, Dreamcatcher, etc #
03.29.07 - Toronto, ONT - TBA with Gastric Female Reflex, Knurl #
03.31.07 - Chicago, IL - The Flowershop with Bloodyminded #
04.01.07 - Columbus, OH - Skylab with Lambsbread, Leslie Keffer #
04.19.07 - Cincinnati, OH - Skull Lab as CSY with Z'EV,
04.28.07 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Bongo Club &
04.29.07 - Glasgow, Scotland - Triptych Festival, CCA &
04.30.07 - Cardiff, Wales - The Point &
05.01.07 - Gateshead, England - The Stage &
05.02.07 - Leeds, England - The Wardrobe &
05.03.07 - Bristol, England - The Wardrobe &
05.05.07 - London, England - ULU &
05.11.07 - Cologne, Germany - Kulturbunker Muelheim EV
05.12.07 - Karlsruhe, Germany - ZKM Karlsruhe
05.17.07 - New York, NY - Tonic - BxC+Zaimph collaboration at No Fun Fest 2007

# Paradise Lost Forever tour: BxC (solo) + Carlos Giffoni + Prurient

& CMN Free Noise tour: Evan Parker, John Wiese, Tim Barnes, Yellow Swans, Metalux, John Edwards, and Culver

@ Okkyung Lee + C.S.Yeh Duo, Black Quarter (Maya Miller of Double Leopards/Religious Knives), Nate Wooley, Violent Raid (MV Carbon)

% New Humans + CSY as part of New Humans' "Disassociate" exhibit

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