Experimental percussionist Jon Mueller announces new album Canto on SIGE

Experimental percussionist Jon Mueller announces new album Canto on SIGE

Sure, you’ve heard percussion before. Thinking about all your favorite drummers, no doubt certain specific sounds echo through your head. “Ba dum tss,” or “Fssssssss SPROT,” sometimes “wowowowo rahhh, wowowowo Zahhh Zong,” or even “pikapika, pikachu.” Common sounds we’ve all heard emanating from, say, a rack tom.

Well, get ready to have your conceptions of percussive audio tested with Canto, the latest album from avant-garde percussionist Jon Mueller.

Canto is a work composed of gongs, voice, and percussion. It explores the expansive qualities qualities of each, yet shows how they still can come together to create a singular, resonant sound. As a “canto” is a section of a larger poem, so too are the three tracks that compose Canto — “Oil,” “Wick,” “Flame” — taken to be distinct parts that form a whole.

Hear just how long the sound of a gong can ring out for yourself, when Canto comes out June 7 via SIGE Records. Check out the album’s (rather minimalist) artwork and full tracklisting down below, and pre-order it here.


01. Oil
02. Wick
03. Flame

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