Composer and experimental violist Jessica Pavone announces new solo album, (likely) physical tour dates

Composer and experimental violist Jessica Pavone announces new solo album, (likely) physical tour dates

Some people resort to drugs when they desperately want to alleviate the pain or oppressiveness of their involuntary meat enclosure. But others, like Jessica Pavone, seemingly have a different perspective: here we are, gifted with these wonderful and life-affirming senses, so why not do what we can to appreciate and acknowledge them in a way that competes with our unconscious tendency to smell dog doo on a casual walk?

Pavone’s a borderline omnipresent figure within New York’s music scene, but it’s her solo work in particular that allows her to fully embrace those “tactile” inclinations. She wants to embody her “larger than comfortable” viola, and she also believes that “cultivating physical bodies as a strong container for her thoughts is part of the creative process.” Take it for granted that “cultivating physical bodies” means something other than what your average cloner will be doing in t-minus 30 years (give or take).

Pavone recently took a break from collaborating with proximal talents like Mary Halvorson, Matana Roberts, and Anthony Braxton. Her new solo album In the Action is scheduled for release February 15 on Relative Pitch Records, and it follows a handful of other solo efforts that showcase her own brand of minimalism. (I’m talking repetition, tones of the looooong variety, and occasional singing.) Pre-order the album here.

Also, she’s touring! View all of the upcoming dates here. Then, check out the cover art and full tracklisting down below:

In the Action tracklisting:

01. Oscillatory Salt Transport
02. and Maybe in the End
03. Look Out - Look Out - look Out
04. In the Action

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