F Yeah Fest Plans Benefit Show with Two Gallants and Trash Talk for the Family of Oscar Grant; You Should Really Go To This

At 2:15 AM on January 1, 2009, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police officer Johannes Mehserle murdered 22-year-old Oscar Grant on a train platform in Oakland, CA. Grant and others had been detained on the platform for fighting on the train. Although officers had Grant subdued and on his knees, Mehserle inexplicably drew his firearm and shot Grant in the back in full view of the passengers on the halted train. The shooting shocked the crowd, one of whom captured the incident on a cell phone camera. Be warned – the following video is ire-inducing to the furthest degree.

Needless to say, this is one of the most egregious and puzzling acts of police brutality in California (and, therefore, American) history. The Grant family obviously has suffered a tremendous loss and must prepare for a lengthy and painful civil trial against BART.

In an admirable attempt to lighten the financial load, the always awesome folks at Los Angeles’ F Yeah Fest and Trash Talk Collective have announced a benefit concert for Grant’s family on February 8 at 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, CA. Trash Talk, Two Gallants, and two yet-to-be announced bands will perform, along with a “very special guest” who will be named on the day of the show.

$12 is all this fantastic package will cost you, so if you happen to be in the area, lend a hand to some people who’d really appreciate it just by doing what you do best: listening to good music.

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