Faitiche to re-release GRAMM’s Personal Rock, the abyssal debut LP from Jan Jelinek

Faitiche to re-release GRAMM's Personal Rock, the abyssal debut LP from Jan Jelinek

Working at the intersection of microhouse, minimal techno, and submarine echolocation recordings, Jan Jelinek has provided the German electronic music scene with one of its most distinct voices of the last twenty years. While lately releasing new music predominantly under his given birth name, Jelinek’s first LP, 1998’s Personal Rock, came out via Source Records under the pseudonym GRAMM. This pulsating, Stygian discharge of viscous sound and back-alley grooves is finally about to be reissued on vinyl.

Jelinek’s own label Faitiche is set to re-release “Personal Rock” as a double LP on May 4; it will be the first time the album will be available in this format since 2000. Of the record, Boomkat wrote: “it’s a late night album full of subtle production tricks and melodic House structures that belong to the pre-millennial IDM heyday, but which transcend its overly-masculine templates.”

You can pre-order the LP here, and stream one of its eight tracks below:

Personal Rock tracklisting:

01. Legends / Nugroove TM
02. St. Moritz
03. Type Zwei
04. Non-Relations
05. Ment
06. 70gr
07. Type Eins
08. Siemens.Bioport

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