FaltyDL summons the Hardcourage, due out in January on Ninja Tune

FaltyDL summons the Hardcourage, due out in January on Ninja Tune

Reliably superb production and a seamless appeal to various genres (with UK garage standing subtly at the forefront) paved the way for New York producer Drew Lustman a.k.a. FaltyDL to establish a healthy relationship with Planet Mu, through which his first two full-length albums, Love Is a Liability (2009) and You Stand Uncertain (2011) were released, to mostly positive reviews. “Reliable” is a good adjective to use here, because it connotes… well, predictability, but certainly not in a bad way. Those two full-length albums have always struck me as being reliably good, but at the same time lacking a certain je ne sais quoi that separates the “good” from the great, or even memorable, long-term. Can a brother get some more stand-out tracks!? — is another way of putting it.

In that regard, You Stand Uncertain did offer some improvements over its predecessor, which only serves to add to the enthusiasm that one should have for Hardcourage, FaltyDL’s newest album, set for release on January 22 courtesy of Pla… no wait, Ninja Tune, as well as Lustman’s own Blueberry Records! The switch in labels could be indicative of a renewed creative outlook, and satisfyingly, the single “Straight & Arrow” seems to suggest that’s the case. Music fans and hand fetishists alike, observe:

Hardcourage tracklisting:

01. Stay I’m Changed
02. She Sleeps (feat. Ed Macfarlane)
03. Straight & Arrow
04. Uncea
05. For Karme
06. Finally Some Shit/The Rain Stopped
07. Kenny Rolls One
08. Korban Dallas
09. Re Assimilate
10. Bells

• FaltyDL: http://faltydl.tumblr.com
• Ninja Tune: http://ninjatune.net

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