Fat Possum reissues Grifters albums

Fat Possum reissues Grifters albums

Things from the 90s keep coming back, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Even the checkout clerk at the grocery store asks you if you’re a 90s kid, and you begrudgingly reply, “Yes.” But as a 90s kid, you probably didn’t listen to the Grifters. Unless you were a kid in college, in which case, thank you for reading this article, Doogie Howser. Luckily, fans old, new, and teenaged genius can revisit the classic Grifters albums One Sock Missing and Crappin’ You Negative when they’re reissued on vinyl and CD on August 12, courtesy of Fat Possum Records.

I know, I know… no other music matters right now, because you’re still trying to get your Kanye ticket, but let’s try and shift gears here. Like this: The Grifters reunited in their hometown of Memphis in 2013, and they played two shows in New York in 2014 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Crappin’ You Negative. You can catch up on these Grifters tunes in the meantime, as the reissues are already available digitally.

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