Fatima Al Qadiri announces OST release of her score from Cannes Grand Prix-winner/Netflix algorithm fodder Atlantics

Fatima Al Qadiri announces OST release of her score from Cannes Grand Prix-winner/Netflix algorithm fodder Atlantics
Photo: Dom Smith

It’s not everyday that fans of Eastern bass music, world cinema, and online awards show bookies are all clicking the same news stories, but it looks like today just might be that day — and, dammit, I’m going to take advantage of it!

Why’s that, you ask? Well, Kuwaiti producer/composer/musician Fatima Al Qadiri’s score to the 2019 Senegalese film Atlantics (AKA Atlantique) is getting a full OST release courtesy of Milan Records/Sony Music Masterworks, and it’s out November 15. Yes, that’s it! I can feel the spike in social media engagement already!

Atlantics is the debut feature from French director Mati Diop, who at this year’s Cannes Film Festival was the first black female director to compete for the festival’s Palme d’Or prize. Though it ended up winning the Grand Prix award (which is almost as good!), the film is also Senegal’s selection in the contest for the Best International Feature Film award at next year’s 92nd Academy Awards ceremony, so place your bets now (but look out for that wily Parasite)!

Not to get all Deadline, but the film was picked up for worldwide distribution by everyone’s problematic fave, Netflix (at the behest of the almighty algorithm, no doubt); so, pretty soon, you’ll be able to have the movie on in the background while you absentmindedly check Twitter even though you literally JUST closed the app for the million-and-first time today from the comfort of your very own couch! (Thank god. I’ve been getting so bored of Planet Earth II…) The film becomes a drop in the streaming service ocean on November 29.

Now here’s what you need to do before you click away: check out the trailer for Atlantics, listen to a piece from the score, “Boys in the Mirror,” and read the full OST tracklisting below.

…Oh, and act locally (via your Netflix account) and think globally (via unconditional support of African cinema) by streaming Atlantics on Netflix starting November 29.

Atlantics (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) tracklisting:

01. Souleiman’s Theme
02. Ada and Souleiman
03. Qasida Nightmare
04. Yelwa Procession
05. Wedding Interlude
06. 10-34 Reprise
07. Qasida - Sunset Fever 1
08. Alleil
09. Sunu Khalis
10. Qasida - Sunset Fever 2
11. Boys in the Mirror
12. Souleiman’s Theme - Issa Against The Sun
13. Body Double
14. Syrat

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