Fear of Men cower to the mythical male telling them to release more music, announce Loom LP, North American tour dates

Fear of Men cower to the mythical male telling them to release more music, announce Loom LP, North American tour dates

No, Jessica, quit being so accusatory! I haven’t said I’m a seer, and just because I, along with my brethren in the Oracular Order, gather every Tuesday night for a cloaked consumption of Grand Slamwiches at the local Denny’s doesn’t mean I seriously think I can predict the future — no matter what you suggest in that relevant track off the new (and as it turns out, old) Fear of Men album! And now you’re strangling me for some reason. Society hasn’t known such an aversion to foresight since elementary school kids when they’re alerted of a snow-turned-rain storm. Meteorologists: the secret players of youthful emotion.

In reality, even if we hadn’t been afforded a press release on the subject, it wouldn’t have been hard to predict the release of Fear of Men’s new album Loom, which comes out via Kanine on April 22 (or April 19 if you want the Record Store Day-approved super-limited two-colored deluxe vinyl edition of stupendousness). The endearingly impassive lyrical delivery on Early Fragments (TMT Review; among our favorites of last year), along with the album’s unembellished pop melodies, might’ve inspired recollection of a litany of bands preceding them, but just as that wasn’t a hindrance to getting started in the first place, neither is that a reason to keep from moving forward.

Early Fragments is a collection of previously released singles. That essentially makes Loom their debut LP, and it’s an oddly refreshing thing to listen to in 2014. Who said emotional honesty needs to come with a performance fit for an Oscar nomination? Points for referencing recent pop culture happenings? Listen to a track below. Also, peruse these still-warm North American tour dates.

Loom tracklisting:

01. Alta
02. Waterfall
03. Green Sea
04. Vitrine
05. Tephra
06. America
07. Seer
08. Luna
09. Descent
10. Inside
11. Atla

• Fear of Men: https://www.facebook.com/fearofmen
• Kanine: http://kaninerecords.com

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