Fela Kuti albums to receive vinyl reissues through Knitting Factory and Pledge Music

Fela Kuti albums to receive vinyl reissues through Knitting Factory and Pledge Music

As a consumer, you have choices. Perhaps you are thrifty with your money, always looking for savings. Maybe you like that expensive shit. Confusing and intimidating as it may be, choice is good. I’m beyond thrilled to tell you, the consumer, that your Fela Kuti-purchasing options are about to increase… dramatically. What would you say if I could put in your hands, by the year’s end, six Fela Kuti albums reissued on vinyl by Knitting Factory and Pledge Music?

I know what you’d say. “Hot dog, give me those albums!” Well, great news, consumer: the trusted sources at The Vinyl Factory confirm that is happening. The albums in question are the following: Alagbon Close, Beasts Of No Nation, Everything Scatter, Fear Not For Man, Na Poi, and Roforofo Fight. Although our market experts have yet to pin down an exact date (the market is always fluctuating) on these reissues, they are expected to arrive in October. Do we have a deal? Before you answer, do the words “individual vinyl colors” mean anything to you? I knew they did. My friend, that’s exactly what we’ve got here. Different colors for each vinyl.

Step inside my office. Now, sit at my computer. Now, pre-order the albums at Pledge Music. Now, I’m sorry but I must ask you to leave. I have 18 meetings today.

• Knitting Factory: http://www.knittingfactoryrecords.com
• Pledge Music: http://www.pledgemusic.com

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