Félicia Atkinson releases new book A Forest Petrifies: Diamond Feedback via Shelter Press

Félicia Atkinson releases new book A Forest Petrifies: Diamond Feedback via Shelter Press

Yeah, I know, audiophile: you’re headphones are AWESOME, and reading is THE WORST. But…I’m confident you’ll get over it! (See, you’re three sentences deep into this whole game already!)

Besides, you’d better start practicing NOW. Because Félicia Atkinson is known as a “multidisciplinary artist” for a good reason; and her Shelter Press label (which is, after all, also a PRESS) has just released a new “55 page, perfect-bound, softcover” book by the artist entitled A forest petrifies: Diamond Feedback, which it refers to as “the first part of a larger novel in several episodes.”

Inspired by “the Petrified Forest in Arizona and its ability to change over time from an organic to a mineral state,” the tale was reportedly honed throughout the past five years, and its on-going composition has formed “the starting point of many of Atkinson’s music lyrics and recent records and exhibitions.” And, much like her musical output, it’s a work “about the perception of time and how some places mark people’s minds.”

Now that your eyeballs and synapses are all warmed-up, how about a small EXCERPT?

An old dream came back to me, one of those adolescent, nocturnal visions: I am a crocus, most likely, under the snow. I wait for the thaw, which does not come. I start to look around me. What is this covered up environment made of? What’s this terrifying basement? I realize that I am the only flower left, that around me are only grass, insects, and small flames. I wonder, flames under the snow? How clever! Shouldn’t they make the snow melt? I begin to shiver, praying that one of them devours and warms me up all at once. I forget the word for hell, and distract myself from what is happening to me by trying to find it. I wake up before finding out if the snow, and the earth, had completely melted.

Yeah, I kinda figured you’d climb on-board.

But beware: there’s only 700 copies of this thing. So head here or here to snag yours now — then, start a pot of tea or coffee or whatever. You’re kinda gonna need to keep your eyes open for this one.

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